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Terms and Conditions of Charter






1. BOOKING. When an initial reservation of the boat is made by contact with Charisma Charters, and provided the date the boat is required by the hirer is available, a confirmation of charter letter will be sent out together with an invoice. Receipt of deposit, or full payment implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.  All information on prices and itineraries detailed on this website layed out as a guide, all bookings will be confirmed in writing.


2. PAYMENT. The charter is not booked until a deposit of one third of the total has been received.


3. THE FULL PAYMENT.  Must be made 6 weeks before the charter date.


4. THE HIRER. Upon making a booking becomes responsible for the whole of the Hire Charge and the balance must be paid 6 weeks before the commencement of the charter.


5. CANCELLATION. Should the Hirer wish to cancel the booking he shall immediately notify the Owner and return his confirmation, upon receipt of which the Owner will endeavor to re-let the boat. If the Owner is successful the cancellation will be accepted and the deposit paid (less a re-letting charge of 15% of the total Hire Charge) will be refunded. If the Owner is not successful in re-letting, the Hirer remains responsible for the full balance of the Hire Charge.


6. HIRERS. Bookings will not be accepted from Hirers under 18 years of age.


7. INSURANCE. Insurance of the boat and the hirer's liability to other parties and is included in the Hire Charge. Hirer's personal effects are not covered by this insurance.


8. EQUIPMENT. The Hirer may be requested to pay for any damage to the boat, or equipment lost, broken or stolen or damaged by the hirer or the hirer's guests. Unsuitable substitutes are not accepted.


9. AVAILABILITY OF BOAT. The availability of the boat is dependent upon weather and tide conditions. If due to such conditions or circumstances beyond all reasonable control, the Owner is unable to provide the Hirer with the boat booked, a new date will be offered or a full refund will be made at the Owners discretion, but the Hirer shall have no further claims upon the Owner.


10. HIRER'S PROPERTY. The Owner accepts no liability for any loss or damage to Hirer's property whilst upon the Boat, howsoever caused.


11. RESTRICTED CRUISE. The Owner accepts no liability and shall not be bound to make any financial adjustment in the event of cruising waters being restricted through repair works, floods, drought or any other cause beyond the control of the Owner.


12. BREAKDOWN. The Hirer shall have no claim upon the Owner as a result of any breakdown or failure of its engine or equipment. Where such breakdown is caused by the Hirer, the Owner shall have the right to claim upon the Hirer in respect of expenses involved in rectifying the matter.


13. PETS. No animals or pets of any kind are allowed on board at any time.


14. SAFETY. All passengers must be reasonably fit and healthy and must wear suitable clothes and shoes. All passengers are responsible for their own safety and undertake the boat trip at their own risk. In relation to all matters on safety the Skippers word shall be final.


15. NO SMOKING. No smoking is permitted anywhere on board


16. START AND FINISH TIMES. Times of start and end of cruise to be flexible.



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